Mortal Man

by Ohen

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Krosisis I love when bands go out and experiment throughout various genres and styles, I also love supporting bands from my country! Favorite track: Pečať je zlomená.
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released November 14, 2014




Ohen Trnava, Slovakia

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Track Name: Prophets of Baal
Dear God please help me to be your prophet.
Help me to show these people
that you are the only almighty God
and you want to save them. Answer me Lord answer me…

In the name of living God who I serve
I tell you there will be no dew or rain
For the next three years until I say so
you shall know that it’s for your blasphemy.

You thought that Baal will give you abundance
and you were worshiping the Canaani idols.
You have seduced your entire kingdom
so now tremble before anger of the almighty God.

After some time in the third year of the drought
Lord said to me: I will send the rain.
Go and present yourself to King Ahab.
So you set off to meet me one more time!

Now order all the people of your kingdom
to meet me at mount Carmel.
Bring along all your prophets of Baal and
all the prophets of the goddess Asherah

How much longer will it take you to make up your minds
If Lord is God worship him but if Baal is god worship him!
I am the only prophet of the Lord still left, but there are
450 prophets of the Baal.

Bring two bulls, kill them, make burnt offering.
Offer to your baal but don’t light the fire.
I will do the same and offer to the Lord
And the one who answers by sending the fire, he is GOD!

Answer us Baal! Answer us Baal!

Pray louder! He is a god! Maybe he is
Day-dreaming, or relieving himself or perhaps
He has gone on a journey! Or maybe he
is sleeping, and you’ve got to wake him up!

They cut themselves with knives until the blood flowed.
But no answer came.
Come closer to me, I will offer to the LORD
Repair ancient altar which has been torn down.

place the wood on the altar,
cut the bull in pieces and lay it on the wood.
Pour the water on the offering. Now let me pray...

O Lord, the God of Abraham, Isaac,
and Jacob, prove now that you are
the God of Israel and that I am your servant and have
done all this at your command.

Answer me, Lord, answer me, so that
this people will know that you, the Lord,
are God and that you are bringing their
miserable hearts back again to you.

The Lord sent fire down and it burned up the sacrifice
The wood and the stones, scorched the earth
and dried up the water in the trench.
All people claimed: The Lord Alone is God!

Seize the prophets
lead them down to river Kishon
and kill them all!
Track Name: Valley of Dry Bones
I could see very many bones
and they were very dry.
He said to me:

Mortal man, can these bones come back to life?

Prophecy to the bones.
Tell these dry bones to listen to the word of the Lord.
Tell them that I, the Sovereign Lord
am saying to them:
I will put breath into you
and bring you back to life.

Mortal man, can these bones come back to life?

While I was speaking I heard rattling noise
And the bones began to join together
While I watched the bones were covered
With sinews, muscles and then with skin.

Mortal man, can these bones come back to life?

I’ve done as told.
Breath entered the bodies.
Enough of them
formed an army.
Track Name: Ód Kairanen
folg strom šasah ods kairanen
ta plöhvan hör mesah
dah man nezkankair bez stromanen
ta nezrah plüh n plag

ta kiven mesah
blüh maimans ahkaimanen
urfčul blah mor mesah
al šasah ods kairanen

ta plüh mesah folg blah hail brah
marš in ahkaimanen lands
un fčul mesah blüh n nezrah
for ahkaiman mai

ta kiven mesah
blüh maimans ahkaimanen
urfčul blah mor mesah
al šasah ods kairanen
Track Name: Pečať je zlomená
v náručí ocel ohnom prepálená
čekáš len na posledný boj
nenehaj sa strhnút prúdom doby
bráň si svoj osud je tvoj

jazdci už cválajú pečat je zlomená
vojny, smrt a mor
vytáhni meč ze žeravého plamena
nech tvrdo pyká rohatý netvor

vytas čepel z vyhne červenú
zakal ju v démonovej hrudzi
beštia umírá hlavy sú odťaté
zmizlo aj pokolení ludzí

telá studené už sú pripravené
na prechod do večnosci
novy začátek bez zla a faloše
desattisíc rokov hojnosci
Track Name: Sanctuary (intermezzo)
I am a sinner and the wages of sin is death
O lord, How much I need your forgiveness

Old Serpent, Great Dragon
Little Horn, Apollyon
Morning star
Track Name: Morning Star
Abyss of hell is open wide
where do we run? Where do we hide?
All demons hunting for human souls
in hope for peace prepare for war

Why, why do you search for freedom
By enslaving others?
Why do you search for revenge?
When you need redemption

the foe's immune to blade of sword
bullets and guns unusable
666 and demon hordes
and growing army of possessed souls

ta petran raah in khob
ta takair marvans hops
ta mai raah all kronland
ta bluh daahvan crux
ta bluh sag og christus
ta nezmarsch in hailands

do you think you can resist me?
I am the temptation
Do you think you can refuse me?
I’m eternal part of you.

Give up! Give up!
Morning star is above horizon
Fight us and fall!
You’re no match to brimstone or iron
Don’t cry for help
Will so called God fulfill your prayers?
Is there any wealth
in what he gives and I do not?
Track Name: Stardust
All blackened, all destroyed, even hope for eternity
Our sin has grown too far and we remain in our misery

What was once healing soul, now poisoning all the flesh inside
One never believed in the sacrifice of lamb of god

Time has reached final set, waiting enhancing regret
While we dream of our pride the demons are lurking in our hearts

Straight was my way of life until temptation eclipsed my aim.
Instead of repentance I set my throne above the stars

All blackened, all destroyed, even hope for eternity
All blackened, all destroyed, even hope for sanity

My throne lies above stars of almighty God
All I was forever died, my voice is lost
Is it void or light? frost or heat from heart?
I lost sense of sight, or is it darkness all around...

If there was pain inside of me
It took every part of my life
No matter if I was darkness or darkness was me
We were together one soul ruined in the blackest symphony

Risen from ashes
To fire was thrown
Feel the stars

Vortex of stardust flows, regaining forgotten voice
Heating from the deepest freeze and key is forged by breeze
Opened was chest by key and so will remain for thee
To throw the final spark in time for the star again to shine.

Give me the clearest day

All lighten all reborn, even hope for eternity
Our sin was washed so far and we can rise from our misery

Time has reached final set and our regret was retreat.
While we burn for Jesus Christ, demons are purged by eternal fire

Straight is my way of life, temptation cannot shake my aim.
Instead of my exalt I set my place among the stars

All lighten all reborn, even hope for eternity
All lighten all reborn, even hope for sanity
Track Name: Kuutama
Feel, Seer, Heal

Feel, in a single light beam feel "kuutama"
What brought you to this seer "kuutama"
Who will force your wounds to heal "kuutama"

Hundredfold over told words still unfulfilled at all
Overseer kilotír never saw what happened here
Nests in clouds and bridges fall fake freedom and serpent's call
it will tear you apart.

Feel, in you own bloodstream feel, and dont regret you're here
you came to see the seer, forced or from your free will
Heal, heal by "kuutama"

Feel, did you ever feel? "kuutama"
what told you the old seer? "kuutama"
who will force your wounds to heal? "kuutama"

Sun Twilights, Moon still shines every night - many times
overseer kilotír, hidden in day though always here
keep your heart and mind awake your whole life is at stake
Or it tears you apart
Track Name: Departure
Black lace ablazed, white face shades away
A life embraced at the end of utmost day
Shadow crawling in the deepest
Time of mourning your final rest

A raven flying, soul in beak
There shall I dwell forevermore
Atop the highest mountain peak
Next to His hand, Great Sea ashore

On a journey I set
To behold eternal throne
Again shall we be met
So let me, let me fly alone, fly alone.

I couldn’t move I felt like frozen
I couldn’t break the spell
My tongue was so heavy
By the fear of life in hell.

I cried for help but he was deaf
God has turned away from me
Knowing all my torture
He left her bleeding

Despair was enthroned
On that cold evening of may
The time has finally
Avowed gate to somber way.

I ask myself if there is hope
When god leave you all alone
He will not be my guide
I will not scream one more time

Holy God can these bones come back to life?
Track Name: Mortal Man (outro)
I am a sinner and the wages of sin is death

O lord, How much I need your forgiveness

For now I know, who I really am
I am Mortal Man